5 april, 2019 22:30 - 6 april, 2019 04:00

This night we’re iniviting you for two great long sets by TASHA from London and our own Joseph A.. The party is starting at 22.30, but before you let yourself flow with the rythm, choose one of our movies in the cinema on the third floor before the party starts (the combi tickets are waiting!)

???? Sounds like: Techno, Deep, Funky, Melodic, Chicago, House

???? Line-up:

TASHA (Neighbourhood, Rinse FM, London) – Techno, Deep, Funky & melodic

A special guest from London this evening! Tasha is a DJ, producer, promoter and label owner from London. She made a name for herself by featuring on Rinse FM for almost 4 years.

“I don’t like to play just one style of techno I like to take it up and down and all around. So if they stay with me and get it that’s fantastic but it’s also important to see what they are vibing off and keep them with you but not be afraid to take it in different directions!”

Joseph A. – Chicago, House, Funky

Joseph A from LAB-1 has in recent years broadened his Funk, House, Disco & Techno horizon in cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Berlin.

With a preference for deep bass-driven house patterns and soulful vocals, Joseph A. gives you the feeling of never wanting to stop dancing again.

???? Area 1 (CLUB):
Joseph A. till 1.00 am
TASHA from 1.00 am

Cinematic big screen Visuals: LAB-1

???? Area 2 (BAR):
Chill out
Retro Gaming
Visual projections

???? Area 3:
LAB-1 Cinema – Choose your movie and buy a combi ticket!

LAB-1 Cinema: Thunder Road
LAB-1 Cinema: Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground
LAB-1 Cinema: M. (2018)

???? Entrance
Doors open Cinema: 19:00
Doors open Club: 22:30
End time: 04.00

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