18 maart, 2019 - 22 april, 2019 14:45

Presented at the 33rd Venice International Film Critics’ as “the most radical film of the entire selection. A sensorial vortex structured as an industrial symphony. Female iconography is destroyed and reimagined in the debut feature film by Anna Eriksson. In pure L.A. Gothic style, the film is a visionary and performative body-horror in the threshold between life and death, between Jean Rollin and David Cronenberg.”

“M” is a work of art that explores the relationship between sexuality and death. These two appear to be opposite forces, but in fact they merge in all of us, disguising the fear of death or the desire to die, the world of Eros and Thanatos.

In “M” the character of Marilyn Monroe should be seen as a symbol of this interpenetration. The actress’s death is as famous as her sexuality and thus sets a perfect example of how the ancient bond between sex and death is being forever mystified and exploited by the popular culture.

The elements of film are being used as pathways for the artist to move in and out of the characters, each character representing somewhat a side of the artists own fantasy. By placing herself in the part of an object of fantasy the artist strives to understand the unity of sex and death, not merely as a myth in popular culture, but as an integral part of humanity.

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