Virtual Geisha is a Cracow-based DJ and promoter. She hosts 'Trips for the Lonely Hearted' - a series of underground electronic music parties and a monthly radio show 'Under the Sign of Saturn' on Intergalactic FM. She is also in charge of bookings at Święta Krowa, a small club in Cracow and she does the bookings for the bar/culture place Bal Cracow, where she showcases a variety of electronic dance music from techno to acid to electro to DnB. Her love of electronic music goes far beyond the dancefloor to an intimate personal relationship with a big collection of vinyl of obscure and experimental electronica sounds. Support by Nikou from Paris, who is hosting the PIN nights in LAB-1. Buy a club ticket only or a special movie+club ticket!
Datum Starttijd Eindtijd Zaal Tickets
22 november 23:00 04:00 Cinema 2 (CLUB)