Set in the near future, Atlantis tells the story of Sergey (Andriy Rymaruk), a veteran soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who finds himself stuck in the then uninhabitable Eastern Ukraine. After the smelter he works at shuts down, he decides to join a volunteer group that exhumes the bodies of war victims. Somehow, the mission allows him to cope with his inability to adapt to his new reality. He meets Katya (Liudmyla Bileka), and through working with her, he starts to believe that a better future is possible. Written and directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych.

This is a strong piece of poetically pure art-house cinema that finally offers a ray of hope for humanity's future - not just the Ukraine's, as this largely depoliticized statement is one of universal relevance.

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25 september 21:00 22:46 Cinema 4
26 september 19:45 21:31 Cinema 4
29 september 21:15 23:01 Cinema 5