≫ Take an advance with De Carroussel and celebrate NYE twice this year! This year's calendar offers the perfect excuse to double your end of year celebrations, extend Christmas joy, or false-start your new year's resolutions before they even crossed your mind... An opportunity that should not be neglected, so on Saturday December 28th we arrange some HEAVY ROTATION at the LAB -1 cinema club and party like it's 2020 already! ≫≫ LINE-UP ≫≫ Jay Swiff - Glen Biesters - Nachtlampen - Dnoise ≫ 30 min rotation scheme with great variety in style and music - accompanied by live projections from VJ duo Les Projecteurs!
Datum Starttijd Eindtijd Zaal Tickets
28 december 23:00 04:00 Cinema 2 (CLUB)