Oh hi, we are still here! Lab-1!

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary marathon night with the world famous ’‘Worst Movie Ever’’, The Room and The Disaster Artist – a funny and very real story behind the cult movie The Room.

This marathon is a special one-night event on December 12th and starts at 20.30.

Haha, what a story Mark!

Don’t be a chicken, Get your tickets now!

The Room (2003)   20.30 - 22.15

Johnny is a successful bank executive who lives quietly in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancée, Lisa. One day, putting aside any scruple, she seduces Johnny's best friend, Mark. From there, nothing will be the same again.

The Disaster Artist (2017) 22.30 - 00.15

When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.

 (NL Ondertiteling / Dutch Subtitled)

Datum Starttijd Eindtijd Zaal Tickets
12 december 20:30 00:15 Cinema 1 (Balkon)