There is a new party in town! MG-Culture: Greater than Gatsby edition. The old Euro Cinema 1 at the ground floor will open for this night! Reserve your invitation here!

We have a full night of entertainment waiting for you. So make sure you’re on time.

Hip-hop / RnB / electric / new-wave

Greater than Gatsby.
Just like Gatsby, but the MG way.

Gatsby Chic. Bring your A-game! This means you’re dressed in style, act accordingly and you’ll dance your way through the night.

📣 Ladies.
Classic ball gowns and “Flapper Dresses”.
Dress up with tassels, feather handbands and dangly jewelery!

📣 Men.
Suit up! Single-breasted and bow tie.
Add a hat or pocket watch for extra credits.

To make things HARD for you:
Not meeting the dresscode means you WILL BE DENIED entrance to the party.

🎞 ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT: [email protected]

Reserve your ticket here

🎞 March 29th 2019

21:00 doors open
21:45 doors close
22:00 main event starts

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